Regulated Sector Financial Guarantees, how do they work?

A financial guarantee system covers your obligations on behalf of your government suppliers and partner organisations.

  • 1. You make a request for a financial guarantee to the relevant companies.
  • 2. The guarantee company grants you the required guarantees under French regulations.
  • 3. Your clients and / or subcontractors are compensated in the event of default.

Our methodology

We analyse your guarantee requirements to suggest the best solution.

  • 1. Process analysis
    We analyse the amount of the guarantee that is required.
  • 2. Making submissions to guarantee companies
    We send guarantee companies the analysis so you can promptly receive offers within 5 days.
  • 3. Quotes Analysis
    We send you an analysis and comparison to help choose the best offer for your needs.
  • 4. Contract signature
    We assist you in all aspects of signing and completing your guarantee contract.
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Complete Service Offering

Factoring: Combining financing, invoice payment collection, and insurance against the risk of customer bad debt.
Protects your company against the risk of unpaid invoices in France and other export territories.