How does Credit Insurance work?

Credit insurance protects you against the risk of unpaid loans in France and abroad.

  • 1. You apply for a guarantee from your credit insurer.
  • 2. Your credit insurer grants you a guarantee on your customer’s outstanding invoices.
  • 3. In the case of unpaid debts, the credit insurer compensates you for unpaid bills.

Our methodology

We carry out an analysis of your accounts receivables in order to offer you the best cover against unpaid invoices.

  • 1. Process analysis
    We analyse the quality of your customers credit worthiness.
  • 2. Presentation of the client ledger to the credit insurers
    We provide credit insurers with a list of your customers to insure.
  • 3. Quotes Analysis
    We send you an analysis and comparison to help choose the best offer for your needs.
  • 4. Contract signature
    We assist you in all aspects of completing your credit insurance contract.
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Complete Service Offering

Factoring: Combining financing, invoice payment collection, and insurance against the risk of customer bad debt.
Undertakings by a financial institution protecting your marketplace for suppliers and partner organisations.