How does factoring work?

Factoring improves your cash flow by financing your customer invoices in advance

  • 1. Post transaction, your company invoices the client. The invoice is due within 45 to 60 days, during which time your company must manage the cashflow difference.
  • 2. After approval by one of our factoring partners, your invoices are financed within 48 hours: you no longer have a cash negative situation.
  • 3. Your client invoices are insured against the risk of bad debt, and the factoring company manages the credit control and cash collection aspects.

Our methodology

We analyse your accounts receivables and suggest the best financing solution.

  • 1. Process analysis
    We analyse the process, from initial order placement to the invoice payment collection, including the risk of unpaid invoices and the turnover that can potentially be covered by factoring.
  • 2. Presentations to the factoring companies
    We provide the factoring companies with a detailed overview of our analysis, allowing you to receive financing offers within 48 hours.
  • 3. Quotes Analysis
    We send you an analysis and comparison to help choose the best offer for your needs.
  • 4. Start of funding
    We ensure speedy contract signature and assist you in the initial financing operations.

Complete Service Offering

Protects your company against the risk of unpaid invoices in France and other export territories.
Undertakings by a financial institution protecting your marketplace for suppliers and partner organisations.